19 Oct 2015

Blink Technology has recently added a new product to our list of high quality items. We are pleased to announce that the Sugar Cube high intensity LED light from Nathaniel Group is the latest product in our range. This light is incredibly powerful and coupled with the fibre optic light guide allows you to illuminate the tightest of spaces.

The SugarCUBE line of LED fibre optic illuminators provides the highest intensity light for a variety of laboratory and technical needs. Each member of the CUBE family couples an exceptionally bright LED light source with Nathaniel Group’s powerful photon engine for maximum light output. The life of each LED light source is equivalent to approximately 300 tungsten halogen bulbs, allowing users to cut downtime and save thousands of dollars on bulb replacement. 

The SugarCUBE line offers models for many applications:

SugarCUBEThe original high intensity LED fibre optic illuminator is available in white, red, blue, green wavelengths. 

SugarCUBE Quad White For the most demanding applications, the SugarCUBE Quad White is the most powerful LED light engine available. We can also customize your CUBE’s wavelength to suit your specific application.

SugarCUBE LITE For low-cost, high-lumen output, the SugarCUBE LITE offers superior technology in a cost-effective form factor. Its consumer-friendly pricing makes it ideal for many research and industrial uses. 


  • With an estimated 60,000 hour life, the LED source provides intense, cool light that reduces downtime due to damage of samples or equipment
  • Unmatched light stability gives the unit unexcelled reliability in critical applications
  • Durable solid-state construction reduces cost of ownership, while long-life LEDs cut waste, minimizing the environmental impact

Suggested Applications

  • Machine vision lighting
  • Microscope illumination
  • Research applications including nano-molecule manipulation and uncaging
  • Life sciences fluorescence illumination