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2 Sep 2015

Blink Technology is pleased to announce the two newest products in the Blink Tech family, The Sugar Cube high intensity fibre optic LED light source from Nathaniel Group and the UVI Camera Intensifier from Invisible Vision.

The Sugar Cube high intensity LED light source can be used for applications such as 

  • Machine vision lighting

  • Microscope illumination

  • Research applications including nano-molecule manipulation and uncaging

  • Life sciences fluorescence illumination

The UVI camera intensifier is designed to add low light, extended spectral range (from UV to NIR) and fast gating in a compact and all inclusive lens coupled package. Typical applications are in combustion, electric discharge, biomedical and ultra high speed stroboscopic techniques in conjunction with high speed or conventional video cameras.

These products are a great edition to the team and will provide our customers with more options for delivering optimal results.

For more information about either of these products please call or email us at any time or visit the following websites;

1300 694 011