25 Mar 2015

Photron have released their latest offering with the introduction of two new cameras in the mini range, the new FASTCAM MINI WX100 and WX 50. Mini WX offers a combination of size, resolution, frame rate, internal memory and High-G packaging that is unmatched in today’s high-speed camera market. It is a very serious competitor to other high resolution cameras.

The Mini WX is well-suited to many different applications such as general research, on board and off board automotive testing, fluid dynamics, material sciences, ballistics and explosives testing and more.

The FASTCAM Mini WX is available in two models that differ only in frame rate performance. The Mini WX100 is the faster camera, providing over 1,000 frames per second (fps) at full 4Mpixel resolution. The Mini WX50 is the lower priced camera, providing 750 fps at full resolution.

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