Invisible Vision UVI Camera Intensifier

The large range of UVi camera intensifers are designed to add low light, extended spectral range (from UV to NIR) and fast gating in a compact and all inclusive lens coupled package. Typical applications are in combustion, electric discharge, biomedical and ultra high speed stroboscopic techniques in conjunction with high speed or conventional video cameras.

Available in 18 & 25mm formats in equivalent 2 stage (models 1850 & 2550) & 3 stage (1850B & 2550B).


Camera details

Overview Features Specifications

The UVi is easily programmed by its integral menu driven LCD display/control panel or via its USB interface and software to synchronize to an external TTL or video signal; offering multiple, digitally programmed gain, delays and exposures (from 10ns in 10ns steps) at input trigger rates to > 100,000 per second and up to 20,000,000 per second in burst mode.

The novel, custom designed intensifier is optimized for use with modern high speed video cameras offering high gain and a proprietary phosphor with fast decay (including a small ‘tail’) and efficient green output. The intensifier output image is collected by the high performance internal relay optics matching into either an externally adjustable F or C mount (18mm diagonal image) supplied lens on the coupled camera system. The user may easily select alternative image formats by an alternative choice of objective lens.

Advanced features such as a fully user programmable output shutter monitor and an independent output strobe complement the system.

Alternative UVi models, optimized for specific spectral responses, phosphors, intensifier formats (25mm) or faster shuttering speeds are also available.

  1. UV to NIR spectral response
  2. Fast Gating to 5ns
  3. High Gain/Sensitivity
  4. Frames rates to > 1,000,000 fps with HSV
  5. Up to 20,000,000 fps in burst mode 100 frame
  6. Integral control panel and external USB control
  7. Exceptional resolution to > 75 lp/mm on SUVi
  8. Choice of optimized photocathodes & phosphors including S1, S20, S25 and GaAs.